U.S. considers sanctions against Ukraine

"Obama is considering a series of options against Ukraine, including sanctions", White House Spokesman Earnest says.

WASHINGTON - U.S. President Barrack Obama is considering a series of options against Ukraine, including sanctions, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest said on Thursday.

Stating that U.S. President Barack Obama and high officials are taking steps rapidly, Ernest said, "That it’s important for us to consider the range of consequences that could ensue from applying some sanctions. But, again, there is a sense of urgency that is being felt because of the terrible violence that we saw overnight."

"The President also was making clear that there are options available to the United States and to the international community, and to our allies, including those in the EU, to hold accountable those who perpetrate violence against peaceful protestors," he noted.

"But at this point, I don’t have any specific decisions to share with you." he added.

Easnest also stated that the Ukranian government does have the principal responsibility for restoring peace and ensuring that violence is not perpetrated against peaceful protestors.

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