Turkish Scientists Generate Source Of Light Alternative To Edison's Bulb

ANKARA - Turkish scientists at Ankara`s Bilkent University generated a source of light using nanotechnology, which would be an alternative to light bulb invented by Thomas Edison.

Assistant Professor Hilmi Volkan Demir`s research group achieved solid-state white light generation using nanocrystal hybridization on light emitting diode (LED), with tunable color properties for the first time in the world.

Nanocrystal LEDs transform electric energy directly to light, while Edison`s bulb transformed the heat to light.

Life time of LED-based light sources will last about 23 years and it would trigger fundamental changes for lighting systems of cars.

This technology would also be one of the solutions to global warming since it ensures 90 percent energy savings.

The article "White Light Generation Using CdSe/ZnS Core-Shell Nanocrystals Hybridized with InGaN/GaN Light Emitting Diodes" by Demir`s group members Sedat Nizamoglu, Tuncay Ozel, Emre Sari, and Prof. Hilmi Volkan Demir, is highlighted as a featured article on the hard cover of the prestigious journal Nanotechnology on February 2007.

Demir told the A.A that LEDs are now used in cameras, traffic lights without bulbs and light sources for microscopes.

"LEDs will replace electric bulbs and fluorescent lights that we use in our houses. This invention will change indoor and automotive lighting systems in the future. Lighting function of cars will entirely be realized by the help of white LEDs within the next five years," Demir said.

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