Members Of Banned DTP To Go On Politics For Solution Of Kurdish Problem, Turk

ANKARA - The chairman of the disbanded Democratic Society Party (DTP) said on Friday that the members of the party decided to go on political life to contribute to peaceful solution of Kurdish problem.

Former chairman Ahmet Turk said the party members had reviewed their decision to resign as parliamentarians.

"We have decided to continue our political life in the parliament to ensure fraternity of nations and to contribute to peaceful solution of the Kurdish problem," Turk told reporters in Ankara.

The Constitutional Court ruled on December 11 to outlaw the DTP on charges it has ties with the terrorist organization PKK.

"There is no other political formation in the world that has decided to continue its political life for the seventh time after it was closed for six times to contribute to a democratic Turkey and contribute to fraternity of nations," Turk said.

Turk said this was a clear indication that they were defending peace, not violence.

Earlier, the Constitutional Court disbanded People`s Labor Party (HEP), Democracy Party (DEP), Freedom and Democracy Party (OZDEP), People`s Democracy Party (HADEP) and Democratic People`s Party (DEHAP).

Turk also said 19 members of outlawed DTP, who were now independent parliamentarians, would join the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP).

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