Lack of nuclear energy, a big deficit for Turkey

Turkish President Gul says

Turkish President Gul says "Turkey`s not having nuclear energy is no doubt a big deficit"

ISTANBUL - Turkish President Abdullah Gul pointed out the importance of having nuclear energy for Turkey and said that first chapter to be opened by EU was the energy chapter.

President Gul spoke in 4th International Energy Forum organized by Sabanci University Istanbul International Energy and Climate Center (IICEC).

Criticizing the EU`s policies towards Turkey for not opening the chapters on the way of accession to EU, Gul stated that the first chapter opened by European Union should have been the one for energy chapter and added besides that, the energy chapter have not been opened yet.

After pointing out the importance of having nuclear energy for Turkey, Gul said that finally the tenders of two nuclear power stations were made and one of the station`s base was laid.

A signal of new collaboration in East Mediterranean

Stating that Greek Cypriot administration only by itself cannot own, drill and export the sources under the Mediterranean Sea, Gul said that a step that contributes to the process of solving current political problems can start within the aspect of economy and a new economic collaboration can be created in East Mediterranean and it can even be within the scope of EU.

Gul receives Egypt`s PM Qandil

After the forum, Gul met Egypt`s Prime Minister Hisham Qandil and his delegation in the Tarabya mansion in Istanbul.

The meeting was closed to the press.

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