Turkey to boost defense industry with SMEs and universities

Major strides made in aerospace propulsion system technologies via 7 new projects with stakeholders

Major strides made in aerospace propulsion system technologies via 7 new projects with stakeholders

ANKARA - Turkey is set to make major strides in aerospace propulsion system technologies by introducing seven new projects with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and universities, a high-level defense official announced on Thursday.

Turkey has a rapidly growing military industrial defense complex where industry giants are supported by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), Tusas Engine Industries inc. (TEI), a large number of SMEs and Turkey´s top universities.

Speaking at a signing ceremony with the SME´s and universities, Undersecretary for Defense Murad Bayar said, “Turkey´s defense industry is undergoing a major transformation”.

“The country needs more engineers with PhDs due to the defense industry becoming a major center of scientific research. All projects are vital for us."

He added that Turkey´s targets are vital for the defense industry and allow the country's armed forces to do their jobs more efficiently.

The projects include the development of parts for Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, (IPEK and KOZA project); super plastic forming process for titanium alloy development, used in aircraft structural components and known as the DILEK project; the Servo Motor Development Project for Developing control mechanisms for drones; magnesium Casting Technology for helicopter gearboxes (MUGE project); nickel alloy layer manufacturing technology and Titanium Casting Technology for improving turbine engine technology (YAKUT project).

Ankara spent over US$1 billion in 2013 on Research and Development in the defense industry.

Turkey's defense industry has gained momentum in recent years, which has positively affected the expansion of local producers.

More local firms have been introducing new products to the market and contributing to Turkey's goal of relying more on domestic sources than imported products

According to data by the Defense Industry Exporters Union (SSI), Turkey's exports in the defense and aviation industries combined reached $1.39 billion in 2013.

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