1453 Journal of Istanbul's Culture and Art: a Momento of the city

The journal aims to hand down the history, culture, art, and traditions of Istanbul to the next generations

The journal aims to hand down the history, culture, art, and traditions of Istanbul to the next generations

by Ayse Humeyra Atilgan

ISTANBUL - '1453 Journal of Istanbul's Culture and Art' whose title refers to the Conquest of Istanbul in the 15th century, offers its readers a broad range of articles and photographs on Istanbul's history, culture, art, and traditions as well as advice on breathtaking places to visit and enjoy in the city.

"It is more than a magazine, I believe, it is more like a source book which contains the knowledge and experiences of a number of experts," Fatih Yavas, Istanbul Culture and Art Products Inc. Co. Projects Manager, told the Anadolu Agency (AA). "It has to be well preserved so that the next generations can also take advantage of the journal."

Published every four months, each issue covers a different topic such as 'The craft workers of Istanbul' or '2010 European capital of culture: Istanbul' in order to give a comprehensive explanation of the cultural and historical structure of the city.

Amongst the articles in the book, stories about the traditional tradesmen and craftsman in the Ottoman period are told. Bookbinding and quilting still have the masters of these crafts while some are barely managing to maintain second-hand book trade in such a metropolis.

In an article of the latest issue, Prof. Dr. Suraiya Faroqhi tells about the florist's of Istanbul dating back to the 18th century. The article provides an insight into the history of Istanbul's florist's and gives the readers an opportunity to compare them with today's florist's shops. One interesting detail from the article is that the florist's of Istanbul in the Ottoman period held a contest among themselves to decide who has the 'most prized' tulip, as each shop had a great variety of tulips from the popular to the rarest and vastly ranging in price.

With each article focusing on a different detail under the main 'cover subject', the young people are introduced to the historical and cultural past of Istanbul; and at the same time they are given an opportunity to make comparisons between today's Istanbul and the city in the past.

Stating that the journal is more devoted to Istanbulites or its lovers, Yavas said, "All the cultural and historical richness in Istanbul belongs to humanity as the city has hosted a great number of civilisations throughout its history. 'Being from Istanbul' is beyond any nationality or race."

"Readers, especially those who have a rich cultural background, will certainly be glued to the journal," Yavas noted.

Since its first publication in May, 2007, the journal has reached its 18th issue; the next one to be published will be in April, 2014 under the theme of 'Turkish and Islamic Arts'.

Readers can easily find the journals online as a PDF file in http://www.kultursanat.org/yayincilik.aspx, with some articles in English. They can also get the hard copy for free when they purchase something else from 'Istanbul Kitapcisi' (Istanbul Bookshop) in various districts of the city.

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