Ukrainian parliament approves cabinet

KIEV - Ukraine's parliament Verkhovna Rada approved Thursday the cabinet nominations presented by the protestors' council - assembled by protestors and activists - in the main protest camp, Independence Square (Maidan).

The cabinet approval follows the designation of opposition leader Arseny Yatsenyuk as Ukraine's new Prime Minister.

The cabinet nominees in the list presented Wednesday included leading activists and some long-time politicians.

Opposition movement AutoMaidan's leader Dymtro Bulatov will act as Minister of Sport. Bulatov had vanished for over a week last month, before being found alive with scars on his body and claiming he was tortured.

The government faces challenges ahead, including fears of separation, political turmoil and corruption.

The Ukrainian parliament impeached former president Viktor Yanukovych last week and elected acting Interim President Oleksander Turchynov until presidential elections scheduled for May 25.

The new Ukrainian government has announced it will seek Yanukovych's extradition from Russia.

Although his whereabouts remain unknown, his statement to Russian media Thursday has led to speculation that he has left for Russia.

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