Former German MP denies secret document possession

BERLIN - A former German deputy denied Thursday allegations that he had kept confidential investigation documents on the far-right National Socialist Underground (NSU) terror group.

"The claim that I had illegally kept ‘secret documents’ about the NSU-investigation committee at my private residence is pure nonsense and the diversionary tactic of a public prosecutor," Sebastian Edathy said on Facebook.

He claimed that the Federal Parliament’s Secret Protection Office can confirm that he had returned all "secret documents" weeks ago.

German police found secret investigation documents about the NSU during a search of Edathy’s house, German media reported Wednesday.

The former Social Democrat Party deputy chaired a key parliamentary committee last year which investigated the failures of police and intelligence in overlooking murders by the NSU, which killed ten people - including eight Turks - in Germany between 2000 and 2007.

It is strictly forbidden to remove confidential documents on the NSU from the parliament building, unless granted permission by the parliament’s President in exceptional circumstances.

Edathy also added that the investigation committee of the NSU trial had allowed him to use some documents which were not declared confidential for a planned book project.

Meanwhile, allegations that Edathy possessed child pornography began circulating on February 10, when Hannover`s prosecutor ordered a search of his apartment and offices.

Just two days before the search order, Edathy announced his resignation from parliament “for health reasons.”

Edathy denied the allegations but has admitted to having previously purchased some material from a Canadian firm, which was later investigated for child pornography. He insists the material he purchased was "unambiguously legal."

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