Germany, France and Poland express concern over Crimea

BERLIN – The foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland expressed deep concern Friday over growing tensions in Crimea and reaffirmed their commitment to Ukraine`s territorial integrity.

“We are deeply concerned about the tensions on the Crimean peninsula,” three foreign ministers said in a joint statement released by the German Foreign Ministry.

“Every effort should be made ??to reduce tensions in the eastern regions of the country and to promote peaceful dialogue among all actors involved. We reaffirm our support for the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. We call on all actors in the Ukraine to refrain from actions that could jeopardize these.”

Germany’s Frank-Walter Steinmeier, France’s Fabius Laurent and Poland’s Radoslaw Sikorski carried out marathon talks in Kiev last week with then president Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition, in an attempt to stop deadly clashes and launch a political transition process.

“The transitional government now faces the enormous challenge of improving the living standards of Ukrainian citizens. This can only be achieved through the implementation of reforms for transition and modernization, in particular reforms for fighting corruption and ensuring democratic values," the three foreign ministers added.

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