“The Message of Rumi” ends Turkish Culture Year in China

BEIJING – Turkish Culture Year in China ended on Friday, with a ballet performance titled ‘The Message of Rumi’ which combines modern dance with whirling, in the Chinese capital Beijing.

The Undersecretary of Culture and Tourism, Ozgur Ozaslan said, with the ballet performance at the 21st Century Theatre, more than 48 events had taken place across the country.

Turkey’s ambassador in Beijing, Ali Murat Ersoy said that even though the 2014 Turkish Culture Year in China has ended, various cultural events would be held throughout the year.

Around 150 projects have been set up by the two countries between 2012 and 2013 and at least 5,000 artists have mutually visited China and Turkey.

In 2012, Turkey hosted Chinese Culture Year in Turkey.

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