Russia's actions are unacceptable, Turkey's EU Minister

ANKARA - Turkey`s EU Minister has urged Russia to act with common sense and believes as a warrantor country, Russia should work harder than every other country for Ukraine`s territorial integrity and peace.

Answering journalists` questions after a reception in Ankara on Monday, Mevlut Cavusoglu evaluated the latest developments and rising tensions in Ukraine and Crimea.

"The telephone diplomacy has failed so far. We do not believe any phone diplomacy will work at this point. If only, diplomacy to Russia and a soft approach to Ukraine would have been done earlier," he said.

Speaking about Russia`s ultimatum to Ukraine`s forces to surrender, Cavusoglu said: "Turkey has always criticized the `choose us or you are the enemy` approach to Ukraine. It is unacceptable that Russia is entering into an independent country with its forces. These are against international agreements as well."

The EU Minister also called on the UN and the European Council, which Russia is a member of, to speed up their diplomatic attacks.

Cavusoglu also said that Turkey would do whatever it can to prevent wars and conflict by encouraging diplomacy.

"That is why our Foreign Minister paid a visit to Ukraine a couple of days ago. However, the problem is in a situation now where Turkey`s reaction will not be enough and more action would be needed," he added.

Russia gave Ukraine`s forces in Crimea an ultimatum on Monday to surrender before 3am (GMT) on Tuesday, or face the consequences, according to Ukrainian defense sources. The Ukraine`s Defense Ministry`s press office in Crimea said that the commander of the Russian Sea Fleet sent an ultimatum to the Ukrainian navy for surrender in Crimea or `face a storm`.

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