Italian senator resigns after son's fraud cover-up

ROMA - Antonio Gentile, Italia's new transport and communication undersecretary, and New Centre-Right party’s member, resigned Monday after his son's alleged corruption was exposed by a local newspaper.

Gentile was announced as the transport undersecretary for the new Italian government on Friday, but four days later he was accused of putting pressure on a local newspaper, L’Ora di Calabria, to not publish a corruption scandal that his son was reputedly involved in.

Gentile stated that these accusations are slanderous and he said that he will 'explain the truth' in a letter to the new Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi.

Renzi said that he respected and welcomed Gentile’s resignation amidst a long series of corruption scandals that have damaged the image of parties from all sides of Italy's political spectrum in recent years.

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