Zambian ambassador thanks Turkey for scholarships

"Turkey provides continuity of Zambian students` education by giving scholarships. We are thankful to Turkey for their support," says Mulenga

KAYSERI - Zambian Ambassador to Turkey Miriam Kaseba Mulenga thanked Turkey for its supports to Zambian students, in a visit to Kayseri, a central Anatolian province of Turkey, on Friday.

"We are thankful to Turkey for their support" Mulenga said during her visit to Kayseri Governer Orhan Duzgun.

Duzgun stated that Zambia which has rich copper mine reserves, is an important African country for trade, adding, "We want to turn education and cultural cooperation into trade in the future."

Mulenga stated that Turkey opened an embassy in Zambia in 2011, to improve political and trade relations and noted that Turkey has been making progress for the last 10 years. In this respect, we follow Turkey," she added.

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