Fuss in Turkish Amputee Super League match

MALATYA -  A match played in the Turkish Amputee Super League in Malatya on Sunday between two Turkish teams composed of physically handicapped players was postponed due to a fight.

In the first half of the match, the away team from Istanbul scored the opening goal of the match but the home team from Malatya made a comeback in the second half and took the lead, 2-1. Following a player, Gazi Oztop from the home team being sent off by referee Sadik Kayhan, an argument ensued with Oztop's teammate Mustafa Colak and the referee resulting in his removal from the team also. It was reported that Colak hit the referee with his crutch after being sent off. This was then followed by a fan in the stand who invaded the pitch and attacked the referee while several players from the home team argued with the referee.

At this point, the riot police became involved and sprayed tear gas at one of the home team's players, Serdar Koc. Meanwhile the referee Sadik Kayhan, who fled to the locker room, postponed the match.

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