PM Erdogan emphasizes "unity" on Canakkale Victory Day

Turkish Prime Minister said Turkey will not surrender to

Turkish Prime Minister said Turkey will not surrender to "domestic traitors"

CANAKKALE - In a speech to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of Turkish men who died during the battle of the Dardanelles, Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday claimed "traitors would not succeed."

"Turkey will not surrender neither to the forces outside nor to the domestic traitors" Erdogan said. 

He said unity was important, "the martyrs resting in Canakkale battled for a united Turkey and would prefer a united generation instead of one divided on ethnic or religous differences," said Erdogan 

The events leading up to the momentous battle, started in February 1915, when Britain and France decided to launch the Dardanelles campaign, in order to knock the Ottoman Empire out of the war as quickly as possible by reaching and capturing its capital, Istanbul.

The Dardanelles was the place where the Ottoman army fought a mighty multinational force supported by the strongest navy of the time, British navy and managed to stop it.

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