IMF to prepare Ukraine support deal

Kiev talks aim to prepare comprehensive reform package

Kiev talks aim to prepare comprehensive reform package

WASHINGTON – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced that it will prepare a comprehensive reform package for Ukraine following talks with the government in Kiev for an economic support agreement.

In a statement the IMF said: “At the request of the Ukrainian authorities, an International Monetary Fund mission led by Mr. Nikolay Gueorguiev has been working in Kiev since March 4."

“The fact finding phase of its work has been completed by March 14 and at the request of IMF management the team started negotiations with the Ukrainian authorities on a program of economic reforms that can be supported by the IMF.”

Gueorguiev said on Thursday in Kiev: “The mission has made significant progress in discussing with the Ukrainian authorities the policies to put the country on the path of economic reform, sound governance and sustainable growth while protecting the poor and vulnerable."

“Our cooperation with the Ukrainian authorities has been excellent. The comprehensive reform program of the authorities covers a wide range of issues and additional work needs to be completed to advance program discussions."

“The mission plans to conclude its work on March 25.”

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