Twitter blocked to prevent abuse of rights: Turkish Deputy PM

"Sometimes you have to choose between two evils, and you choose the lesser of the two," Babacan says referring to blocking of Twitter access.

ANKARA - Blocking access to Twitter is not good for Turkey's international reputation, but doing nothing could have caused even worse repercussions, Turkey's Deputy PM Ali Babacan said Friday.

The most senior voice on economy in Turkey's ruling AK Party, Babacan told private broadcaster NTV that Turkey was left with no choice but do something to protect its people's rights of privacy.

"Sometimes you have to choose between two evils, and you choose the lesser of the two," he said referring to official telecommunications authority's decision to block access to the social media site.

He predicted that Twitter would not remain blocked in Turkey for too long and called for a solution to be reached reciprocally between Turkey and Twitter.

"There is a stark contrast between the fast progress of technology and the introduction of judicial frameworks to regulate and audit technology," Babacan said.

He noted that the decision was not a nice and agreeable one and added that sometimes this kind of ugly decisions need to be taken to protect people's rights.

Turkey's official telecommunications board TIB blocked access to Twitter on Thursday night, citing a handful of court orders as the basis for blocking its content.

Earlier, an omnibus bill introduced on February 28 made headlines in Turkey as it allowed TIB to block access to websites without prior court approval.

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