South African teacher suspended for showing pupils porn

JOHANNESBURG – A school teacher in South Africa's economic capital Johannesburg has been suspended over accusations that he showed pupils a pornographic video.

"We have put the teacher on a precautionary suspension and have instituted an independent investigation in this matter," Phumla Sekhonyane, spokesperson for the Gauteng department of education, told The Sowetan newspaper.

According to the daily, the parents of a 10-year-old pupil accused the teachers of showing the pupils a pornographic video on his laptop.

The child is reported to have confided in her mother about the teacher's behaviors after she took her to watch a movie.

"I am angry. I'm actually numb because I don't understand why a teacher would do that," the mother told said.

Child abuse is common in South Africa with many children falling prey to rampant rape in the country over the belief that a sexual relationship with a virgin child cures from AIDS.

Many children, some as young as six months, have been raped over the belief that this would cure from HIV/AIDS.

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