Morsi's son to stand trial on drug charges on May 4

CAIRO – An Egyptian court on Tuesday set May 4 as the date for the trial of Abdullah Morsi, the youngest son of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, who faces charges of drug possession.

Abdullah and a friend were referred to a criminal court on charges of possessing and using illegal narcotics.

The two young men were arrested while sitting in a car parked on the side of a road in a northeastern Cairo neighborhood. The authorities say that two hashish cigarettes were found in their possession.

At the time, the family of the ousted president said the charges were fabricated in order to tarnish their reputation, but a subsequent drug test is said to have supported the charge.

Abdullah has described the charges against him as "baseless."

Morsi – Egypt's first freely-elected president, who was ousted by the army last July after only one year in office – faces charges of inciting the murder of opposition protesters in late 2012.

He also faces charges of helping prisoners – including himself – break out of jail during Egypt's 2011 uprising and collaborating with foreign parties to carry out hostile acts inside Egypt.

The ousted leader says all charges against him and his co-defendants are politically motivated. He has refused to recognize the trials' legitimacy and insists he still represents Egypt's democratically-elected president.

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