Twitter blockage not a ban, says Turkish justice minister

YOZGAT - As a Turkish administrative court issued a temporary injunction on ban on Twitter, the country's justice minister said Wednesday that "there will be no problems left as long as Twitter abides Turkey court orders."

Bekir Bozdag said Turkey's telecommunication authority was only performing orders of the court when it blocked access to the micro-blogging site. 

A separate administrative court on Wednesday issued a temporary injunction to lift the Twitter block by a majority vote.

However, Bozdag said he was "curious" about the court’s intention to suspend the blockage, which should not be seen as a ban but as an "implementation of court orders." 

"What the [telecommunication authority] is doing is implementing the court orders,'' Bozdag said.

Access to Twitter was restricted last Thursday on the grounds of violating personal rights.

The text of the ruling by the administrative court has not been finished, and it will be sent to the Presidency of Telecommunications when it is ready. 

The telecommunications regulator is obliged to implement the decision within 30 days, according to a recently amended law, which regulates its authorities. 

However, the telecommunications regulator has the right to challenge the decision by appealing to the regional administrative court.

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