Al-Sisi's candidacy divides Kuwaiti MPs

KUWAIT CITY – A decision by Egypt's former army chief Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi to run for president has drawn mixed reactions from lawmakers in Kuwait.

"I advise al-Sisi to stick to his guns so that he can defeat terrorism," Safa al-Hashem, the only female lawmaker in the Kuwait parliament, told Anadolu Agency.

In a televised address on Wednesday, al-Sisi said that he resigned his post as Egypt's defense minister and would run in the country's upcoming presidential election.

Al-Hashem described al-Sisi's address as "wonderful" and "orderly".

She said al-Sisi's victory in Egypt's next presidential elections, whose date has not been decided yet, will help boost stability of the Gulf region.

However, Kuwaiti lawmaker Jamal al-Omar expressed reservations about al-Sisi's presidential bid.

"I had hoped that al-Sisi would not run for president and that the army would remain neutral," he told AA.

Meanwhile, Kuwaiti female writer Fajr al-Saeed said al-Sisi's candidacy "opens a new chapter in the history of the region".

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