Syrian opposition reacts to Russian statement

ISTANBUL - The Syrian National Council has responded to a statement from Russia’s foreign ministry criticizing Syrian opposition for taking control of some areas along the Syrian coast.

“Russia's Foreign Ministry statements about the acts of extremist groups just aim to hinder the handover of chemical weapons within the allotted deadline and kill all chances of reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis” said Hisham Marwah, legal committee chairman of Syrian National Council in a written statement.

“The statements are illogical and show a lack of sincerity in the quest to get a zone free of chemical weapons. These remarks are not a prediction or assessment of reality, but a reflection of the political plan which the Assad regime will follow with his regional allies with regard to chemical weapons” he continued.

Marvan also noted that Russia seems to ignore the fact that the Assad regime has missed the deadline for the handover of its chemical weapons cache even though there were no military operations near the Syrian coast.

Russia’s foreign ministry issued a statement on Friday saying that Free Syria Army's progress along the Syrian coast will hinder the handover of chemical weapons within the allotted deadline and kill any chance of a political solution to the Syrian crisis being reached.

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