NBA: Sixers on brink of longest ever losing skid

ANKARA - The National Basketball Association has witnessed some of the most amazing winning streaks in history, most recently with NBA powerhouse Miami Heat's historic 27-game winning streak in 2012-2013 regular season.

That streak is the second-longest, behind only the 16-time NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers' NBA record of 33 games winning streak.

But what about the longest losing streaks of NBA history?

The Philadelphia 76ers, NBA's Atlantic Division team, may soon own the longest-ever losing streak, if they lose to the Detroit Pistons on Saturday. Right now the Sixers have a losing streak of 26 games, same as the Cleveland Cavaliers had back in the 2010-2011 season.

The Sixers' season got off to a high-flying start with three consecutive victories, including a win against the defending champions, the Miami Heat. But the season turned into a nightmare for the organization after their last win, against the Boston Celtics, on January 31st. They haven't won a single game since.

In February, the 76ers lost 12 consecutive games by an average margin 19.5 points, including back-to-back losses by 45 and 43 points to the LA Clippers and the Golden State Warriors. The Sixers also traded their point-guard Evan Turner to the Eastern Conference-leading Indiana Pacers. Turner was averaging 17.4 points per game for the team.

The Sixers haven't yet won a game in March. They started the month by retiring the jersey of their former superstar Allen Iverson. But even the retirement ceremony did not change their fortunes. Their most recent loss was to Houston Rockets by 22 points on Friday.

The team has only ten games left in the season, and they have now the second-worst record with 15 wins and 57 losses, behind the Milwaukee Bucks' 14-58.

Although the 76ers are improving their chances to earn the No. 1 draft pick with every loss, the team will look to avoid turn their fate and avert an undesired record on Saturday against the Detroit Pistons.

- Other teams with losing streaks

The Philadelphia 76ers are now sharing the unwanted record with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a Central Division team. The Cavaliers began a losing streak on December 20, 2011, and lost 26 consecutive games, finally halting it on February 9th, 2011 with a 126-119 overtime victory against the Los Angeles Clippers. The season for Cavaliers started badly after LeBron James announced that he would join the Miami Heat. The Cavaliers had another losing streak combined in 1981-1982 and 1982-1983 seasons with 23 losses.

The Vancouver Grizzlies, Denver Nuggets and Charlotte Bobcats were the owners of 23 game losing streaks as well.

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