Islamist party boycotts Algeria's presidential election

ALGIERS – The banned Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) on Monday boycotted next month's presidential election in Algeria.

In a statement, the FIS said that the election results "are already fixed for a certain candidate" – in reference to incumbent President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The front argued that the elections "will not solve the country's political crisis, but rather would pose a threat to the state's security and stability and the unity of the people, homeland and army".

Algeria's presidential race kicked off Sunday amid an acute political crisis, with opposition parties and activists staging rallies against Bouteflika's reelection bid.

Four parties have already boycotted the presidential ballot, which is set for April 17.

Algerian politician Ahmed Benbitour has also announced his withdrawal from the presidential race, describing the upcoming polls as "political piracy."

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