Ukraine OKs multinational military exercises

Rada approves major NATO exercises on Ukrainian soil

Rada approves major NATO exercises on Ukrainian soil

KIEV, Ukraine - Ukraine’s parliament -- the Verkhovna Rada -- on Tuesday passed a law approving multinational military exercise, including by NATO, to take place on Ukrainian soil from May to November, the defense ministry said on its official website.

"The purpose of the exercises is to prepare for international peacekeeping and security operations. They will also be used to help safeguard our country," acting Defense Minister Mikhail Koval said.

The bill passed with 235 Rada deputies voting in favor of the law.

The military exercise will include contingents from Ukraine, Poland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Romania and Moldova in Ukraine’s southern Nikolayev region -- near Crimea -- as well as the western Lviv and Uzhgorod regions.

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