Israel plans mobile-radar system for ground forces

JERUSALEM – The Israeli army plans to introduce a mobile-radar system to support ground troops during military operations, military sources said Thursday.

Lt.-Col. Yigal Katzav, commander of Israel's Eitan Artillery Corps Battalion, said the new "Wind Shield" radar system would provide army forces with a "new set of capabilities."

According to Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post, the system can be deployed in enemy territory by infantry or armored units and track the sources of incoming rocket, missile and mortar fire.

Katzav said the device will provide ground forces with advance warning of incoming fire, thereby shortening the sensor-to-shooter cycle, allowing the army to swiftly return fire on the sources of the attack.

"We know that all of the [hostile] organizations are amassing large numbers of projectile arms, and in every confrontation, this will be a significant challenge," Katzav said.

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