S. Sudan arrests 23 foreigners for money forgery

JUBA – At least 23 foreign nationals were arrested on Saturday in a joint operation by South Sudanese army and police forces on charges of engaging in money forgery.

"We seized a lot of money in their possession which were forged and others which were genuine," police spokesperson Col. Monday Enoka told Anadolu Agency.

"There were South Sudanese pounds, US dollars and other [currencies]," he added.

"We even got hold of the machines these people where using for forging the money. We are investigating them and soon they will be taken to court," said the spokesman.

According to police sources, the suspects were nationals of different African countries including South Africa, Somalia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Cameroon.

Spokesman Enoka said the crackdown was part of an ongoing security operation against criminals in general and those holding illegal firearms in the capital Juba in particular.

"In fact the general search is achieving its objectives, including a gun-free Juba," he added.

"We will continue to collect guns from the residential areas. We are even collecting government guns found in those places because guns are supposed to be in stores," Enoka said.

South Sudan has been shaken by violence since last December, when President Salva Kiir accused his sacked vice president, Riek Machar, of trying to overthrow his regime.

The conflict has already claimed more than 10,000 lives, with the U.N. estimating that around one million have been displaced by the violence.

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