Cameron: Firm and united response needed on Ukraine

U.K. urge for firmer stance on Russia in Ukraine Crisis

U.K. urge for firmer stance on Russia in Ukraine Crisis

LONDON – The U.K. will press for a "firm and united response" regarding the Ukraine crisis at today's EU meeting in Luxembourg, British Prime Minister David Cameron said.

Cameron discussed the deteriorating situation in Ukraine with Foreign Secretary William Hague according to Number 10 Press Office, and writing from his official Twitter account William Hague said, "Vital EU signals Russia's responsibility to stop undermining Ukraine"

UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate, Edward Davey, also urged for a firmer stance and said in an interview with the Independent newspaper that the country must take Russia’s threats to shutdown gas pipelies in Ukraine, “much more seriously” 

In a fortnightly interview with the paper Davey warned, that “the U.K., Europe and the world needs to take Putin’s aggression much more seriously. I think it is of sufficient concern that we need to plan seriously and deeply with our partners – with the Americans, the Japanese and with our European and international partners.”

“If there was disruption to gas supplies in Europe, that would impact on gas prices and we would be hit by that. Moreover, because it would affect supplies to key partners within the European Union – such as Bulgaria, Italy and Germany which get a lot of their gas from Russia – that could have an economic impact on us as well,” he said.

Following the latest occupation by armed groups of government buildings in towns in eastern Ukraine, British Foreign Office spokesperson said on Sunday, "Assumptions that Russia is complicit are inevitable as long as Moscow does not publicly distance itself from these latest lawless actions. Russia must desist from steps which destabilise Ukraine and undermine the possibility of contact group talks."

After the referendum in Crimea, the U.K. made a call for imposing further sanctions against Russia. In addition Britain has suspended all arms exports to Russia last month amid fears of military escalation in Ukraine.

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