Germany to support NATO with jets, ship in Baltics

BERLIN - Germany has committed six military jets and a military ship to support NATO's new buildup in the eastern border in response to Russia's threat to Ukraine.

Six Eurofighter jets and a military ship will be sent to Baltics, a spokesperson of Germany’s Defense Ministry told press Wednesday.

Eurofighter jets will reinforce NATO’s current air policing mission in the Baltic states. They will be stationed there initially for four months, beginning September.

An Elbe class military ship from German Navy is set to join a minesweeping exercise at the Baltic Sea, Defense Ministry has confirmed. This exercise is to begin in May and continue for four months.

NATO members agreed on Wednesday to increase military presence in the eastern border in order to enhance mutual defense and show the solidarity of the allied Western nations.

"We will have more aircrafts, ships and preparations on the ground as well," NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. He said that the military postings aimed at deterrence and defusing tensions, completely conforming to NATO's international commitments.

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