Serbian football's head: Match with Kosovo unlikely

BELGRADE/Serbia - A friendly match is impossible to arrange between Kosova and Serbia as the latter does not recognise Kosova, Serbian Football Federation President Tomislav Karadzic says.

Karadzic who spoke to Anadolu Agency correspondent, spoke on Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina's shared values and congratulated Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia who qualified for the World Cup in Brazil.

"I congratulate Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. In fact this success belongs to each of us, because we were a family in the past. If we had a national team now (implying Yugoslavia) and if we played a semi-final in the World Cup, I believe that Bosna and Herzegovina and Croatia would qualify out of the groups," he said. 

Karadzic explained that each football association president from the Balkan countries have good relations with each other. He claims that there is no difference between them as both Bosnian Football Federation's President Dino Begic and Montenegrin Football Federation's President Dejan Savicevic are gathering around the same table during the meetings held by FIFA and UEFA.

"In matches we may encounter and compete against each other, but after the match I hope that our friendship goes on," expressed Karadzic.

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