Ukraine: Quiet night in Slavyansk after curfew

SLAVYANSK, Ukraine - The first night after the curfew declaration passed quietly in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slavyansk.

Pro-Russian groups in the city imposed a curfew, starting at midnight to 6 a.m., after three people were reportedly killed in a gunfight.  

The gunfight came as pro-Russian groups continued to occupy government buildings in Slavyansk, shattering a fragile Easter truce that had been announced by Kiev on Friday.

The curfew was announced after the fatal clashes on Saturday night.

​On Thursday, Russia, Ukraine, the U.S. and the EU signed an agreement in Geneva that called for militias and paramilitary units in the country to disarm.

Meanwhile on Monday, some banks and jewelry stores did not open to business for fear of violence.

Speaking to The Anadolu Agency, an armed forces member who identified himself only as "Yevgeniy" said that, despite the curfew, some drunk people wandered around the city Sunday night and teased militia forces. 

"We didn't arrest them for their unviolent behavior," Yevgeniy said.

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