Anatolian dancers to perform in Antalya

ANTALYA - The Turkish dance troupe Fire of Anatolia, will perform on Tuesday at Gloria Aspendos Arena in Turkey’s coastal province of Antalya. 

Mustafa Erdogan, general art director of the group, said that the Fire of the Anatolia promoted Turkey to around 35 million people. The group has been promoting Turkey in around 97 countries since 2010.

The group has performed in Russia, U.S., China, Mexico, Europe and Balkan countries so far, Erdogan said.       

As one of the largest dance groups in the world, the Fire of Anatolia aims to introduce Anatolian culture and history to the world, according to Erdogan.  

The Fire of Anatolia, which consists of 400 dancers from Cuba, Russia, Britain and Georgia, is also expecting the Chinese dance group Shaolin Monks to join.

"We need support for our performance's new version, “The Gate of East," Erdogan said. 

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