Turkish leaders issue messages on "Children's Day"

April 23 is a day dedicated to children by the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

April 23 is a day dedicated to children by the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

ANKARA - Turkey's leaders, including President Abdullah Gul, Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, have released messages for "April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day". 

We are again proud of our great ancestors who have presented this pretty country to us, said President Gul in his message, adding that Turkey has covered a critical distance in uniting with the modern world and reaching out to its people with universal values since the proclamation of the republic in 1923. 

Gul concluded saying that “Turkey's future will be shaped by the children. I fully believe that they will be architects of the country and ask them to educate themselves well to actualize their goals."

On April 23, 1920, during the War of Independence, the Grand National Assembly met in Turkey's capital, Ankara, and laid down the foundation of a new, independent, secular and modern republic from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire. The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, then dedicated the day to the children of the country to emphasize that they are the future of the nation.

Seeing the young generation as a guarantee of Turkey's continuation in his message, Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek, said that Turkey's children would oversee the peaceful and bright future of the country and spread fraternity among the Turkish people. 

Furthermore, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a statement saying that the government's biggest ambition is to prepare a brighter future for the children who are a symbol of national sovereignty.

"I believe our great parliament, which opens new horizons for Turkey, will put forward a more civil and liberal constitution and present a brighter future for our children," he said.

Erdogan also underscored that Turkey crowned its republic with democracy, which raised the country to a level that is a model among countries in its region.

Turkey is progressing towards the future with positive steps said Erdogan and wished the day bring peace and happiness to all children in the world.

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