Vucic takes oath as new Serbian Prime Minister

Members of new government pledge to preserve Kosovo-Metohija within the Republic of Serbia

Members of new government pledge to preserve Kosovo-Metohija within the Republic of Serbia

ANKARA – Alexander Vucic, the new Serbian Prime Minister and members of government were sworn in on Sunday after a vote of confidence by the Serbian new elected members of Parliament.

198 members out of the 250 seat parliament voted in favor of the new government, with just 23 voting against, Tanjug (Serbian news agency) reported. 

"I pledge to be loyal to the Republic of Serbia and promise with my honor to obey the Constitution and laws, and to carry out the duty of a government member conscientiously, responsibly and diligently, committed to preserving Kosovo-Metohija within the Republic of Serbia," was the oath pledged by members of the new government.

The Serbian Progressive Party leader Aleksandar Vucic together with his coalition parties won nearly 48 per cent of the votes in March 16th’s general elections. The new coalition named “The Future We Believe” and led by the Progressive party, won 158 seats of 250 in Serbia's parliament, allowing it to form the government alone, but Vucic opted to form a governing coalition with former Prime Minister Ivica Dacic's Socialist Party of Serbia, who along with their partners have 44 seats.

Vucic, former Minister of Information during the Kosovo War (1998-1999), left the Serbian Radical Party in 2008 and joined the newly formed pro-EU Serbian Progressive Party.

Serbian new government:

Alexander Vucic – Prime Minister

Ivica Dacic  - Deputy PM and Foreign Minister

Zorana Mihajlovic – Deputy PM and minister of construction, transport, and infrastructure

Rasim Ljajic – Deputy PM and Minister of trade, telecommunications, and tourism

Kori Udovicki – Deputy PM and Minister of public administration and local self-government

Lazar Krsitc - Minister of Finance

Dusan Vujosevic - Minister of Economy

Snezana Bogosavljevic-Boskovic - Minister of Agriculture

Aleksandar Antic - Minister of Energy and Mining

Nikola Selakovic - Minister of Justice

Srdan Vrbic - Minister of Education, Science, and Technological Development

Zlatibor Loncar - Minister of Health

Ivan Tasovac - Minister of Culture

Aleksandar Vulin - Minister of Labor, Veteran and Social Issues

Vanja Udovicic - Minister of Sport and Youth

Nebojsa Stefanovic - Minister of Interior Affairs

Velimir Ilic and Jadranka Joksimovic - ministers without portfolio in charge of emergency situations and EU integration, respectively. 

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