5 security personnel killed in Pakistan shootout

Clash between security personnel and bank-robbers kills 7

Clash between security personnel and bank-robbers kills 7

ISLAMABAD – A clash between security forces and bank robbers in Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province killed seven people, including five security personnel, officials said Tuesday. 

Ten were injured in the clash in Mastung, 50 kilometers away from Baluchistan's capital Quetta. 

The shootout broke out when police clashed with bank-robbers in Mastung city. A policeman was killed on the spot, while a contingent of police and Levis, a local official paramilitary force, surrounded the robbers.

After an hour-long  shootout, four more security personnel and two robbers were killed according to local official Syed Asad Gilani. Two robbers were arrested and two managed to flee, he said.

Baluchistan has seen a sharp increase in bank robberies in recent months which security agencies believe fund separatist and sectarian militants in the region.

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