Mother's Day: a global celebration

ANKARA - The Mother's Day is celebrated in both Turkey and in the U.S. on the second Sunday of May, however many countries have other specific dates to show appreciation and love for mothers.

The history of Mother's Day dates back to May 10, 1908 when it was celebrated during a ceremony, attended by 407 mothers and children at a church in Grafton, West Virginia.  The ceremony was declared a national holiday by the U.S. president Woodrow Wilson in 1914. 

The idea of Mother's day came from an American woman, Anna Jarvis, who never had her own child. Jarvis, who lived with her mother all through her life, wanted to honor her mother, Ann Jarvis, for her devotion and sacrifice during and the American Civil War as a social activist who struggled to reunite shattered families.

Many countries, such as the U.S., Canada, India, Germany and Italy, set the date for Mother's day as the second week of May, but many other countries mark different dates based on their own traditions and legends.

In the U.K., the date for the Mother's Day is marked as the fourth Sunday of Lent, which this year is on March 30. However, the date may change every year as it depends on when Easter is.

In Europe, the date of Mother's Day varies, as France celebrates it on the last Sunday of May while Spain celebrates it on the first Sunday of May. 

Mexican, Guatemalan and Salvadoran mothers enjoy the attention and love from their children on May 10 every year, when Mexicans go to church on this day.

For Bolivians, Mother's Day is on May 27 and marks a significant event when hundreds of women died fighting against the Spanish army after losing their husbands in their independence war.

In Asia, Thailand is one of the countries that does not celebrate the day in May. Thai Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara's birthday has been recognized as Mother's Day, which is August 12. 

Also many countries, such as Afghanistan, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan, joined Mother's Day with International Women's day and celebrate it on March 8.

Iran's Mother's Day comes from the birth of Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Mohammed and the wife of Ali, who is one of the rulers of Islamic Caliphate after the prophet Mohammed's death.

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