Turkey denies Reyhanli bombers are still on run

HATAY – The governorate of Hatay, a southern city in Turkey, rejects claims that the perpetrators of a bomb attack in the city's Reyhanli province on May 11 last year are still missing.

Reyhanli, a province near Turkey’s Syrian border, which has seen thousands of Syrian refugees as they flee civil war in their own country, was attacked last May in a twin-blast which left 52 people dead and 236 wounded.

The governorate in a statement Tuesday said twenty suspects were arrested in connection with the attack and their trials are proceeding forthwith.

"As this plain truth is known to public, the statement that none of the perpetrators were caught does not reflect reality," the governorate said.

A prosecutor in the city of Adana prepared an indictment last October demanding life sentences for the suspects, saying that the deadly attacks were organized by "the Urgent Ones," a splinter group of the Turkish People's Liberation Party/Front and Syrian intelligence.

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