Turkish Press Review - Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday's dailies cover arrests of eight Soma mining officials, including CEO Gurkan and give details about mining disaster

Tuesday's dailies cover arrests of eight Soma mining officials, including CEO Gurkan and give details about mining disaster

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The Soma mining disaster continues to dominate the front page of Turkish dailies on Tuesday. Many newspapers covered the arrest of eight on Monday, including CEO Can Gurkan and general manager Ramazan Dogru. Some dailies also covered the death of a famous businessman’s grandchild and flooding in the Balkans.

"Rift at first probe,” headlined the HURRIYET daily, adding that Soma Mining Company CEO Gurkan and general manager Ramazan Dogru blamed each other for the disaster. According to the daily, Gurkan has a document indicating that Dogan was responsible for the disaster, but Dogan objects that the document was forged and the signature was not his. The two officials were arrested along with six others. ZAMAN daily also ran with the same headlines, saying that CEO Gurkan tried to avoid blame by forgery. The daily also decorated its front page with photographs showing that Turkey’s Chief of Staff Necdet Ozel and Turkish National Soccer Team’s players visited the Soma graveyard and prayed for the deceased.

Some dailies also gave details of the disaster. According to YENI SAFAK daily, officials at Soma Mining Company were actually aware of problems. “Fire happened twice. Gas sensor alerted. During the last 15 days, hot coal was mined. But miners continued to work.”

CUMHURIYET daily said that, although a fire broke out earlier on the day the disaster took place, mining continued and miners were forced to work.

Meanwhile, the death of the grandchild of famous businessman Ali Sen was also covered by some newspapers. “Sorrow of Ali Sen’s grandchild,” headlined HABERTURK daily. According to the daily, 17 year old Alp Ali Sen died as a result of traffic accident while driving an off-road vehicle. “His grandchild died in an accident,” HURRIYET daily's headline ran, while POSTA daily said, “They are no longer happy.”

Flood disaster in Balkan countries appeared on the front page of some Turkish dailies. “Like Tsunami,” HURRIYET daily said. The death toll has risen to 35, as engulfing waters have prompted the evacuation of tens of thousands. Several months of rain which came down hard in only a few days sparked the worst and deadliest floods in the Balkans in more than a century.

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