French soprano Emma Shapplin touches hearts in Istanbul

Shapplin takes the stage Turkey to promote her new album.

Shapplin takes the stage Turkey to promote her new album.

ISTANBUL – French soprano Emma Shapplin performed with a 300-member Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir in Istanbul on Sunday.

The 40-year old soprano took the stage at Halic Congress Center as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of a private school. 

Remarking that this was the first time she took the stage with an orchestra made up of youth, Shapplin said, “I can feel young people’s energy with me in my first concert in Turkey in which I reflect my new style music."

The concert started with the Turkish folk song “Beyaz Giyme,” after which Shapplin sang her classics, songs such as “La Notte”, “Miserere Venere”, “Verdi Maria”, “Cuerpo Sin Alma” and “Spente le Stelle.”

Emma Shapplin started her career in classical music, although she later combined classical opera with modern pop music and her vocal style is highly operatic. Although Shapplin was raised speaking French and sings some songs in French, most of her songs are in baroque (17th century) Italian. She is currently touring to promote her new album, "Dust of a Dandy."

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