Drone strike kills 6 in war-torn Pakistan region

ISLAMABAD – A drone strike in Pakistan's militant-hit northwestern North Waziristan tribal area has killed six people on Wednesday, officials said. 

An intelligence official told Anadolu Agency, on condition of anonymity, that a U.S. drone fired two missiles targeting a compound and a vehicle in North Waziristan's main town Miramshah.

This is the second drone strike this year and has come while the Pakistan army is carrying out a comprehensive military operation to root Taliban militants out of the region.  

Last week, 16 suspected militants were killed in a drone attack in North Waziristan. U.S. media reports that the CIA has resumed its drone strikes in North Waziristan on the request of Pakistan government but that has been denied by Pakistan's army.

At least 2,306 people have been killed, many of them civilians, in 385 U.S. drone strikes since 2004, according to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism's "Covert Drone War" project.

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