US issues Kampala airport terror alert

KAMPALA - The U.S. embassy in Uganda has issued an alert about a possible terror attack on Kampala's Entebbe International Airport on Thursday.

"We have received information from the Uganda Police Force that, according to intelligence sources, there is a specific threat to attack Entebbe International Airport by an unknown terrorist group today," the embassy said in a statement.

It said the attack could take place today between 9pm and 11pm.

"Individuals planning to travel through this airport this evening may want to review their plans in light of this information," read the statement.

The embassy reminded Americans of the potential threat of terrorist attacks in Uganda.

"Targets of these attacks could include hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, diplomatic missions, transportation hubs, religious institutions, government offices, or public transportation," it said.

The Ugandan police, for their part, denied being the source of any intelligence about a looming terrorist attack.

"The U.S. embassy informed us that they had got an alert based on their intelligence system and they wanted us to inform their citizens," police spokesman Fred Enanga told AA.

"They did not get intelligence from us; they probably have their own sources and they should have verified with us," he added.

"Our counter-terrorism team is verifying the sources of the intelligence," Enanga said. "Right now, we can't confirm what the U.S. has come up with."

Enanga was, however, quick to add that the airport was "very safe and secure; the security structure has deployed effectively."

"We are aware of these threats and plans by terrorists to inflict damage on this country and we are prepared at the airport for any attack," he told AA.

It is the third time this year that the U.S. embassy in Uganda has issued terror alerts to its citizens, but the first regarding a security threat at the Kampala airport.

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