11 executed in Jordan after 8-year death penalty freeze

AMMAN – Jordan's interior ministry on Sunday announced the implementation of execution verdicts against 11 convicts, who had been on the death row over murder charges - eight years after the country had suspended the death penalty.

"The death sentences were issued by the country's High Criminal Court over murder charges," interior ministry spokesman Ziad Zubi said in a statement.

"The [11] convicts were executed after the Court of Cassation ratified the verdicts and after meeting all the legal procedures stipulated in the Criminal Procedure Code," Zubi said.

The spokesman did not reveal the nationalities of the executed convicts, nor did he disclose the method by which the death sentences were carried out.

Zubi also stopped short from providing any details on the timeframe of the murders and the dates of the court verdicts.

Earlier this year, several Jordanian lawmakers called for unfreezing the implementation of capital punishment – which was suspended by King Abdullah II of Jordan in 2006 – in order to curb the recent rise in crime rates.

Before these executions, the Jordanian monarch has not signed off on any death penalty since 2006, which is a legal prerequisite for carrying out the sentence.

Those who were sentenced to death during such time remained in prison.

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