Syria: Regime 'kills 178 people in 5 days'

ANKARA - At least 178 people -- including 143 civilians – have been killed in regime airstrikes on Syria's Eastern Ghouta near capital Damascus, according to a Syrian Network for Human Rights report.

The death toll which was documented between Feb. 5 and Feb. 9 includes 28 women, 29 children and 35 rebel fighters, according to Tuesday’s report.

The London-based group, which opposes Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, claimed at least 370 people were wounded, including at least 60 children and 75 women.

The data provided is merely the minimum number of casualties of the attack which was worsened due to a lack of food, medication and fuel as the area remains besieged by regime forces, the Syrian network said.

The five-day "excessive" bombardment destroyed neighborhoods in Douma, Irbeen and Kafr Batna cities, it was claimed.

At least 35 footage videos and 50 pictures were sent to the Syrian network.

The Syrian regime’s attacks came in response to a Syrian opposition group called Jaysh al-Islam's attack on Damascus with missile strikes on Feb. 5.

Since 2011, a brutal civil war has pitted regime troops against opposition forces in Syria.

The Syrian civil war has resulted in the death of some 350,000 people and displaced almost half of the country's population.

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