Bosnia elects Denis Zvizdic as new chairman

SARAJEVO - Denis Zvizdic, from the Democratic Action Party, was appointed chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Tripartite Presidency on Tuesday and received a vote of confidence from the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Thirty-five MPs voted: 28 in favor, five against and two voted to abstain.

Zvizdic stated in his speech before the voting that the primary objective of the new government is the implementation of the European Union's reforms and to ensure improvements in all sectors of society.

He also added that they are aware the citizens are dissatisfied and that is why they are leaving the country. He stressed that they have to find solutions in the country, especially for the youth, to prevent them from leaving.

In the coming days, the coalition partners will determine the members of the new government.

According to the country's laws, Zvizdic will replace outgoing chairman Vjekoslav Bevanda, who held the position since 2012, after forming a new government.

Zvizdic was previously Sarajevo's Canton Prime Minister, Speaker of the Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton and President of the House of Representatives of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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