Two Yemenis sentenced to death over Limburg and other attacks

02-05-2005, 08h40

The appeals court in Sanaa upheld the death sentence against a Yemeni and sentenced to death another who had been jailed over the 2002 bombing of the French oil tanker Limburg and other attacks.

The court Saturday upheld the death sentence handed down against Huzam Saleh Mejalli last August and condemned to death Fawaz al-Rabei, who had been given a 10-year jail term, both for killing a policeman, an AFP correspondent reported.

The two are among a group of 15 Yemenis sentenced in August for the Limburg bombing and a series of other attacks.

One Bulgarian crew member was killed and 12 other crew were wounded when an explosives-laden boat rammed the Limburg as it prepared to enter Ash-Shir port off Yemen's southeastern coast in October 2002.

The court increased jail terms from 10 to 15 years against two convicts, Omar Said Jarallah and Fawzi al-Hababi.

Jail sentences of 10 years were upheld against four convicts, five-year jail terms upheld against five others, and three-year jail terms upheld against the remaining two.

The sentences must also be confirmed by Yemen's supreme court while death sentences must be approved by President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The defendants, all in their twenties, had been accused of forming an armed group to undermine security in Yemen by carrying out attacks including the bombing of the Limburg and planning attacks against former US Ambassador Edmund Hull and several embassies.